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Posting a story for fandomzoo.

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
RATING: PG or G? Not sure. Not curse words.
SPOILERS: Do not read if you have not watched up to Becoming Part 2

Willow's blog - Entry number 289

It has been exactly one month since Buffy left. I have tried my best to find her through computer searches while Giles jets off to far off places every time a fellow watcher calls him. He isn't going to find her. I think I am starting to believe Xander and think that she will be found when she wants to be found. Of course we don't know anything about her condition. Is she sick? Is she really hurt so much that her slaying powers can't heal her? Has she run off with Angel and living her happily ever after fairytale until they are ready to come back? All we know is that the world didn't end, again. I suppose time will tell. I just wish she had bothered to say goodbye or at least left a little portion of something in the note she left her mom to let us know when she is coming back.

It has just been a month of questions and recovery. I still get headaches but they are getting better. The bump is nearly gone which is good because I am tired of Cordelia telling me that is disfiguring my face. Xander gets his cast off soon. Probably a good thing because some not so nice things have gotten doodled on it somehow while he was sleeping in class. Giles looks more healthy now but he still has that traumatized look in his eyes. I wonder what Angelus did to him. He still won't talk about it but we know he was tortured.

Speaking of tortured, poor Joyce. She has this heartbroken look in her eyes that makes it hard for me to look her directly in the eye. I have spent a lot of time at their house since Buffy left. I am not really sure why. I think for comfort, it isn't like my mom cared much about what I have gone through lately. I have been going over there for dinner a lot with Xander, Cordelia, and Oz. I suppose we are her kind of adopted kids for the moment. It is a good cover with our own parents since we now patrol every night. We try not to take Giles with us since he still isn't 100% but he insists from time to time. I think he is a little afraid of being alone in his apartment not that I blame him after what has happened in the past few months.

I just miss my best friend. Yes I have Oz, Xander, and yes, I suppose Cordelia, but isn't the same. Buffy is my best friend. She is the only one I feel comfortable talking about magic with and I am dying to talk more about the restoration spell. I can't talk to Giles about it. He gets this worried slightly angry look in his eyes like he is afraid I can't handle myself. Whatever. Oz also gives me a worried look but at least his look isn't angry. Xander really couldn't careless unless I turn him into a monkey or something..or at least that is what he told me. I know she won't judge me harshly. I just hope she is alright and comes home soon. School is starting soon. She has to come back for that, right?

Signing off for now. It is time to go hunt for more vamps. Fingers crossed I don't get killed tonight!

I do not write stories, can we tell?

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Date: 2012-05-23 09:39 am (UTC)
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(I didn't realize it was yours at first, hee, I'm not used to your DW layout. :D)

Such a perfect Willow voice! You should write more. *pokes* :D

I skipped this challenge. /WIN


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