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Hello! I am Jamie and somehow you have stumbled upon my journal. Instead of doing a FAQ about myself {I'll do one soon}, here are just other places to find me. This is also the post to ask to add me as a friend. :)

Places to find me on DW -
Icon journal - [community profile] shinebrighticons
Shared icon journal (back up) - [community profile] shadowed_icons
20in20 community for TV characters (recently closed on LJ and may possibly be open here on DW in the future) - [community profile] tvcharacter20
LIMS community for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (back up, running on LJ currently) - [community profile] lims_btvs

Places to find me on LJ -
shadowed_icons | lims_btvs | tvcharacter20 (closed)

Places to find me in other places -
Twitter - @silentnpale
My domain - Royal-Drama.net
Fanlisting collective - Royal Fanlisting Collective
Screencaps gallery - Royal-Drama Screencaps
Goodreads - listed as Jamie F.
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I made a sticky post about where to find me on DW, LJ, and elsewhere. I wasn't going to do a intro post over here but since I am adding new friends and "restarting" basically on DW, I thought I had better do one. :)

Name: Jamie
Location: NE Ohio.
Job: Part time worker at a pizza place. I had struggled to find a job for quite awhile before I landed this one and I am shocked how much I like it.
Other various things: Oldest of 3. Anxious. Homebody. I have one friend I still hang out with semi-regularly and we have been friends since high school. Most of my other "real life" friends have moved away or are busy with life. I love fiercely and miss people/friendships I shouldn't miss. Loves laughter, candy (skittles & minty candies are my crack), the color blue, names, glitter, and photographs (taking/looking at/sorting/making art from them online/etc. I love family history stuff as well). Sensitive soul.

Fandom activities: Making icons, tweeting, sometimes reading fanfic, making fanlistings (I 'own' over a 100!!), joining fanlistings, & making screencaps (not so much sorting them though, haha!). Of all of these, the fanlistings ones are my main fandom excitement right now. You can see all of the fanlisting stuffs, here.

TV shows airing that I watch: Mom, Modern Family, Black-ish, Superstore, Once Upon A Time (may be dropping though), Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-0, Bob's Burgers, Blindspot, The Good Place, Deadliest Catch, Fuller House, Little Women LA, Little Women Dallas, Outdaughtered, 7 Little Johnston's, Little People, Big World, Teen Mom, Judge Judy. I also sort of watch How to Get Away with Murder, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, & This is Us.

My other TV show loves: Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Full House, Charmed, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Parenthood, Mike & Molly, Downton Abbey, Party of Five, Angel, The Guild, King of the Hill, Reba, House, Home Improvement, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sister, Sister, Girl Meets World, Boy Meets World, That 70s Show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mama's Family, M*A*S*H, and a lot more.

Movies: Harry Potter films, Now & Then, Disney (Mulan, Emperor's New Groove, Black Cauldron, Great Mouse Detective, Lion King, Aladdin, Princess & the Frog, the Aristocrats, 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid..basically like them all besides the more recent ones), anything Shirley Temple (favorite is The Littlest Rebel, Heidi, and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), The Mummy 1 & 2, George of the Jungle, Austin Powers series, Moulin Rouge, Where the Heart is, and more I am sure I am forgetting at the moment.

Celebrities: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa McCarthy, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Dakota & Elle Fanning, Busy Phillips, Drew Barrymore, Shirley Temple, Seth Green.

Music: Backstreet Boys, Green Day, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, The Beatles, Eminem, Adele, Britney Spears, Madonna, Sia, and basically anything from the 1990s. If it's catchy, chances are that I like it.

Books: Harry Potter series, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, Baby-Sitters Club series (I collect them), & I love non-fiction and biographies.

Sports: I. Love. Sports. I pay most attention to the Cleveland Indians (baseball), gymnastics (both the elite world and college gymnastics), & NASCAR (especially Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Bubba Wallace, Elliott Salder, Jamie McMurray, & Ryan Blaney). I mostly ramble on twitter about these sports. I am a life long Indians fan who still can't think of last year's World Series (and 95 & 97) without cringing and wanting to cry. I have loved gymnastics since the 1996 Olympics when I became obsessed with Dominique Moceanu. NASCAR I have loved since around 1994 which is when I noticed Jeff Gordon's rainbow car and I was hooked. I also watch football. I am by default a Cleveland Browns fan but also pay attention to/support the New England Patriots & Dallas Cowboys. I also like figure skating & beach volleyball.

I think that's it. If you want to know more about me, than please leave me a comment. :)
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Just checking in while I remember to. Going to attempt to read my friends list so sorry for any random comments. Kind of missing the icon world too. Might re-explore that a bit soon.

Nothing super exciting to report here. Just insane family stuff happening and working when I can (they keep trying to take my hours away *eyeroll*). I am still not over the Indians blowing their playoff series. Morgan Hurd won Worlds and I cried because I was so happy for her. I ordered 6 Funkos the other day as a present to myself for not crying at/about my dentist appointment for fillings. Will & Grace and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World are my favorite new fall shows. I got Hulu today.

Waving to you all and hope you are all doing well while living your lives. <3
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So um, it's, um, been, um, awhile. Oops. Life, ya know?

Anyways, I thought I would start out slow back into the journal world and just update this journal about what I am planning to watch this fall. Can you believe it is nearly time for fall tv?!?!?! Where has the year gone?!?!

What I plan to watch:
Young Sheldon - I already watch Big Bang and I watched the "first look" for this on TVline.com. I think it looks cute. Plus it will be fun to see how they develop the other members of Sheldon's family. I am most interested in his mother since she will be played by Laurie Metcalf's daughter.

Will & Grace - Not really a new show and I watched it off and on back in the day. But I have a lot of memories attached to this show and I am interested to see what they do with it.

The Gospel of Kevin or Kevin (Probably) Saves the World [whatever they are calling it now] - I have a soft spot for Jason Ritter. J. August Richards & Joanna Garcia Swisher are also awesome so I gotta give this one a try.

Law & Order : True Crime - The cast is rad especially Sam Jaeger & Anthony Edwards.

The Orville - Well part of me is watching it because it is the same street name as mine (though spelled differently) haha. Also, I do enjoy Seth Macfarlane & Scott Grimes and wacky funny things so I will watch at least the pilot.

Marvel's Inhumans - I am not sure about this one yet. I do watch S.H.I.E.L.D but I mainly watch for Ming-Na and I am pretty behind. Thoughts?

I also have plans for another post about the shows I already watch and how long I have been watching them. I'll have to do just shows that will also be on this fall or it'll be wayyyy too long. Hehe.

What about you all? What are you watching anything new this fall?
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I wrote this post on LJ but thought I would write it here as well because why not?!

Hi everyone. Just wanted to pop in real quick.

I am finally (I think) giving up [community profile] tvcharacter20. So if you would like to, go sign up one last time.

Also I have a poll over at [community profile] lims_btvs about where the next round should take place.

My domain, Royal-Drama.net, has gotten a makeover so go check that out. I have opened some new fanlistings lately including adopting the ER fanlisting. I am still floored that I was chosen to run it!!

Happy Birthday to all of the March/April babies if we are not connected elsewhere and I didn't wish you a happy one!!

And finally, congrats to [profile] setentpet on the birth of her beautiful baby boy! <3

Moving On

Apr. 5th, 2017 04:21 pm
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I just did a deletion of my personal entries on LJ but now I think I am going to delete anything that isn't strictly fandom now. The new terms over there have me nervous. I am staying over there for now because still run a few communities. If I thought that I could move them onto Dreamwidth, I would move over and be done with it. Sad to think about but it's time to move on. I am moving on in a lot of aspects of my life right now. That would be just an extra step.


Sep. 11th, 2012 06:17 pm
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Join [community profile] thefandomzoo!
A landcomm on Dreamwidth celebrating all fandoms through graphic,
writing, and game challenges.
The Fandom Zoo is open to television, film, comics, books, and games.
Our three teams are The Badass Bears, The Drama Llamas!!, and The Party Penguins.

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I am horrible when it comes to recasting or swapping genders or cross overs or whatever so here is my sad attempt lol.

click for the cut )
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Posting a story for fandomzoo.

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
RATING: PG or G? Not sure. Not curse words.
SPOILERS: Do not read if you have not watched up to Becoming Part 2

read the story under here )

I do not write stories, can we tell?
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LJ has been really sucky lately. I may have to switch to this journal for random purposes since it doesn't take 5 years to load. I haven't touched it in nearly a year, how sad! I need a new layout and fun stuff here. I had forgotten about my default icon, I was so proud of it when I made it. /done being random.
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My first entry here! I just signed up & hopefully I'll soon figure out how to customize everything and start to back up other journal entries here. :)


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